You must have seen different types of product/packaging highlighting baby boys and girls as models.

Well, the trend of juniors in the advertising and modeling world is at a rise and it is the right time to give your child a try to step into the modeling world. Rest assured we will help your child in all the possible manners to make him/ her the best junior model. All you need to do is to enroll with us



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Rise In The Trend


Most companies are now preferring children as the models on their product/packaging and TV commercials as they bring out the raw and fresh energy to the message and this rise has enhanced the need for child models. It is a new and unique approach to the marketing world.

How to Become Child Model

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We Help You?

We, at Sinatra Models, help aspiring models to get a successful entry into the fashion and modeling world. We prepare them for the challenging assignments ahead and we take pride in it. We groom them and make sure that they get the place they deserve in the modeling world.
If you’re planning to get your child into the modeling world, you need a good modeling platform and an attractive professional portfolio to flaunt his/her talent. Sinatra Models offer both!

What They Look

For In A Child?

If your child has natural innocence on his/ her face, a set of sparkling eyes and a smile that never fades away, you can give it a try for sure. These are the qualities any modeling agency looks for in children and there is a high chance that your child can make a bright and successful career in the modeling career.

Modeling is something more than just being good-looking!
Your child needs to be

  • Passionate
  • Crazy for getting photographed
  • Friendly
  • Confident
  • Fond of dressing up and posing
How to Become Child Model

Make A Proffessional

child model portfolio photography

We have good contacts with some superior professional photographers and you can rely on them to make a professional portfolio. They have insight experience of the world and know which kinds of images casting companies consider and they will capture them.

By enrolling us, you are hiring a director that will help you to direct a path for your children’s journey.
Sinatra Models is a renowned modeling platform that helps aspiring models to get the spotlight they truly deserve. All you need to do is to enroll with us and by doing it; we will mentor you and your child to get through the industry with the right approach and attitude.

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