Best Industry Standards for Male Models in UK

Becoming a male model does not guarantee you a free ride to all the hottest parties in town. It also means working hard and devoting countless hours to become a male model in UK. Breaking into the modelling industry as a male model is a tough job because of the ample competition coming from the people who have similar hopes and aspirations. Becoming a male model is a tad bit easier when compared to becoming a female model. The physical requirements for becoming a female model are quite rigid and you will be able to work only until a certain age. For male models, fitness standards are not based on the weighing scale and they can even work until the age of fifty. This makes the job much more stable and lucrative so that youngsters keep making their way into the male modelling industry.

If you want to become a male models UK, you will have to undergo a series of steps before you become successful. This article will give you a comprehensive guide so that you can become a great male models UK.

Meet the industry standards For Male Models UK

Like every industry, modeling also has a set pattern that it likes the new comers to follow. There is a lot more flexibility in terms of looks for male models but you should always be on the lookout for these general modeling standards that should be met by any mainstream model. Even if you don’t meet all of these industry standards, if you have the right look, the job will become much easier. Here are some points that are considered as well known industry standards for all male models

1. The height of the candidate must be between 5’10” to 6’2” for being accepted by most platforms.
2. Most female models go out of work by the age of 25. Male models should be fit and fine to work until the age of 50.
3. The men from the ages to 15 to 25 make up for the young men’s market.
4. Men between the ages of 25 to 35 make the adult men’s market.
5. The typical weight for a male model is 140 to 165 pounds but it all depends on your body mass index.
6. The industry does not like men who are particularly hairy in the arms and chest region. Be prepared to undergo some hair removal techniques such as waxing or laser if you are serious about becoming a male model.

Male Models UK

Decide the kind of model you want to become

Before you step foot in the modeling industry, it is highly beneficial for you to know your strengths and weaknesses and which type of modeling job will the model suitable for you to become a male model in UK. This way you can hit the ground running and beat competition quite easily. The different options that you have include –

  1. Fashion models who work to promote clothing and apparel. This includes runway modeling as well as photoshoots.
  2. High Fashion models work for big fashion houses on ramps and in magazine shoots.
  3. Editorial Models work only for a particular type of publication because of their unique looks.
  4. Runway models only work for fashion shows.
  5. Showroom models display clothing in fashion parties and inside boutiques.
  6. Catalogue models appear in catalogues and advertisements.
  7. Speciality models only work on a part of their body in order to show off the product. These body parts include hands, legs, neck, hair or feet. They get paid very handsomely for every small job because they can be used in multiple places.

We hope this article has helped you understand some important tips and tricks for male models in UK. Make sure you follow them if you want to become successful model. Sinatra provides a really good modeling platform to men of all ages. Get in touch with us to explore more about how you can transform your precious self into a modeling superstar.