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Sinatra Models

Sinatra Models is the ultimate, comprehensive, one-stop destination for you to discover your true model self, to train to become the model you have dreamt to be, and to develop with us all the tools you will need to succeed in the fashion and glamour industry.

We take a comprehensive and customized approach to training and mentoring our clients to become professional models. We are a team of experts with diverse and practical industry experience to hone your skills and to guide you on your path toward success. Whether you are already a professional model, looking to evaluate and diversify your look; or you are an aspiring model with a fresh look into the modeling world; Sinatra Models is there for you.

About Our Mentors

Our mentors are seasoned professionals with the personal touch. We care about you and your success; so we guide you in one-on-one sessions through the training modules to equip you with all the resources, time and training you need to lead with confidence and grace toward your end goals.


How Can

We Help?

Our training sessions include psychological and physical training. In the physical training, our mentors will teach you about your postures, catwalk and other mannerism and personality traits. However, in the psychological training, they will boost your confidence and your belief. It is very important for you to understand how the industry works and what should be your approach towards it.


Our Training

Package Includes

Modules on posturing, photographing, gesturing, and walking for the catwalk.
Mentoring sessions on professional and personal development in the modeling industry

We have trained and prepared thousands of models on how to launch themselves into the fashion and glamour industry.
We have helped our models find “best-fit”, friendly assignments in their first days out in the field to boost their confidence and to start developing a personalized brand.

Now it’s your turn.Give us a call and find out how we can help you on your personal and professional modeling journey.




Every model needs a professional portfolio to showcase your different looks, tones, moods, and postures. Thus, our package includes the production of a professional portfolio, complete with 100’s of photos, copyrighted to you for your promotional use throughout your career.

Our professional team includes London’s best fashion photographers. They are waiting to capture your best moments on film. What are you waiting for? Give us a call and discover the hidden model in you…

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